Picture Story: Drumlin Farm!

This week we visited Drumlin Farm in Lincoln! While Drumlin is indeed a farm, full of cows, goats, sheep, pigs, horses, and chickens, it is also a wildlife sanctuary. We are thrilled to be sending out volunteers to Drumlin this year and believe it has a lot of great talking points for Animals. In addition, it is a site full of FYSOP Fusion. We see obvious impacts on Environment at Drumlin and even through their sustainable efforts involving solar energy. With a teaching garden, a camp and a pre-school, Drumlin also reaches out to the community’s Children to introduce them to all aspects of farming. Inevitably, we see overlaps with Hunger as well–Drumlin participates in Community Supported Agriculture. To recap our trip further, check out some photos!

This is a fisher! A relative of the weasel. She is quite lively and always running around. Make sure to cut through Bird Hill and visit her! Drumlin acts a sanctuary for wildlife that have been imprinted or injured and could no longer survive in the wild. An interesting fact about Drumlin Farm is that they try to refrain from naming their animals.

These piglets were born a few weeks ago! Look at the cute little piglets!

This is Bart! Bart is a goat in one of Drumlin’s newer barns. As you can see, Bart is super friendly and loves to be pet. Now king of the pen, he was once a young kid struggling to reproduce.

Bart is actually housed with some sheep. Here we saw a sheep give herself a thorough post massage. Quite innovative animals! Volunteers will participate in some sheep skirting while at Drumlin.

Drumlin raises free range chickens! Did you know: Chickens only need to have 15 minutes of cage-less outdoor activity to be considered “free range.” Pictured here is a description of Drumlin’s Egg Mobiles. The egg mobiles are designed to give the chickens a greater range of land for more access to fresh nutrients and bugs.

Pictured here are solar powered birds. The exhibit is designed to educate about solar power energy and how it works. If you approach the solar panels and cover them to block the sun, the birds will stop flapping their wings!

Here is Drumlin’s main building and their largest concentration of solar panels that power the farm.


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