Visiting the City of Boston Animal Shelter

Hey guys! So last Saturday, Kelsey and I went on a site-visit to the City of Boston Animal Shelter. We loved it. Great place, with great animals, and some great people.

But here’s the thing about the City of Boston Animal Shelter. The more we talked to the staff, the more we learned about the eye-opening difficulties associated with a public shelter. First off, this shelter was lightly staffed having only a few regular volunteers. With the work they need to do, more hands could only help and the lack of people make their job all the more difficult.

Government funding for animal shelters and organizations is a low priority and places like the City of Boston Animal Shelter have to deal with the repercussions. Staff have to pay out of pocket for things like animal toys and even create make-shift equipment for certain situations. One of the saddest consequences of the lack of funding is what it entails for the animals in the shelter. The government won’t pay for an animal behaviorist to train the strays that come in. That means that dogs who can become adoptable with a bit of behavior training are instead immediately put down without ever getting their deserved second chance.


As we continued our tour, we had the opportunity to meet some of the animals up for adoption. There were actually only four adoptable dogs that weekend and three of them were pitbulls. I make this distinction because we learned about the peculiar case of pitbulls in public shelters –specifically in Boston public shelters. The city of Boston deems it unlawful for anyone from Boston to adopt a pitbull from a public shelter. However, a Bostonian adopting a pitbull from a private shelter is. That left the three pitbulls at the shelter to wait around for several months in hopes of being picked up by a private shelter to be adopted. We met a particularly friendly pitbull named Cry Baby. He had been hit by a car before he was brought to the shelter. But he was healthy and happy when he was hanging out with us! The cutest thing!

This year’s Global Day of Service volunteered earlier in the year and painted the shelter walls to make the place more fun and lively! Our site-contact told us how she is thrilled to have us volunteer through FYSOP this year and to hopefully have us help paint some more to leave our FYSOP Lovin’ mark forever! Be excited guys!




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