FYSOP is Coming Soon!

We are so excited to meet with you and to share with you all everything we have planned for FYSOP. You are all going to learn so much about animals, Boston, and maybe even yourselves.

Photo on 8-16-13 at 12.58 PM

Be prepared on education day for some great speakers. You will hear all about the ways that animals can better the lives of humans as service animals. You will also hear from David Coman-Hidy from the Humane League of Boston about what happens on factory farms.  Also be prepared for our own Docu-Blitz (If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry, you will understand soon!)

During the week of FYSOP, you will have the chance to meet and make so many new friends, some of whom will be your staff members. On the topic of staff,  you will be mentored this week by some amazing staff members, who are so excited to meet you and share their knowledge of not just the issue area, but of BU as well.

The service you will do this week will make such a positive impact on animals in Boston and beyond. Be excited to have you first accomplishment at BU be something that will never forget!

See You Soon!

Sending you all FYSOP Love,

Izzi and Kelsey

PS This is what happened when we tried to take a nice photo…

Photo on 8-16-13 at 12.57 PM


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