Fur Industry

The Fur Trade

The process of acquiring fur is, unfortunately, riddled with problems and issues of animal cruelty. Here are a couple of these problems.

fur farm

Fur Farms

On fur factory farms around the world, millions of raccoon dogs, rabbits, foxes, mink, chinchillas, and other animals spend their lives in small, dirty wire cages, only to be killed inhumanely for their fur.



Fur traps are one of the most common way animals are caught. Some hunters say that this is a humane way of trapping the animals because it kills them instantly, however many animals will suffer for days before being found by the trapper and killed. We don’t intentionally kill dogs or cats for their fur in America, but thousands of pets, hunting dogs, and “non-target” wildlife—even endangered species—die nonetheless in indiscriminate fur traps.

Dogs & Cats 

Although most dog and cat victims of the fur trade come from China and other parts of Asia, their fur is exported for sale worldwide. The United States already bans the sale of dog and cat fur, but recent investigations found that dog fur is still slipping into the country on unlabeled and falsely advertised jackets.

Here is a great and gentle overview of the some of these intense issues from the Humane Society:

Seal Hunt
seal huntMany of the seals killed in the Canadian seal hunt are killed for their pelts in an inhumane way. Many seals are still being killed for their fur, even though there are many countries that have banned the sale of seal fur. As demand for seal fur has gone down as a result of legislation  and awareness, it has become less profitable of a business.

These are some intense issues but there are easy ways to avoid supporting the fur industry by checking the labels of clothes to see what material they were made from. Faux fur is always a good choice!


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