Izzi and Kelsey

FYSOP Coordinators

Izzi Fathy

izzi and a dogHi everyone! My name is Izzi Fathy and I’m the Animals FYSOP Coordinator! I’m a sophomore in the College of Arts & Science majoring in International Relations and minoring in Public Relations. I come from Freehold, NJ but I think living in Boston is one of the best things ever. I also think Lilo from Lilo and Stitch is just great. Here is a list of the things I love: Japanese dwarf flying squirrels, slow lorises, Arizona green tea, the color green, bubble tea, peach Chobani, happiness, and Rihanna. I’ve got old boots, baggy clothes, a big smile and, of course, an unfaltering excitement for FYSOP!

Kelsey Krook

Kelsey and a DogHi! I’m Kelsey Krook, a cat, dog, elephant, ect. lover who is super excited to be the Coordinator for the animals issue area! I am a sophomore in both the College of Communication and the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in communication studies and psychology, and I am originally from just outside San Francisco, California. I am really pumped about getting to explore this issue area, which is still so new to FYSOP! If you ever catch me on the street, please talk to me about the following things: Tea, reality TV, puppies, peanut butter, yoga, Game of Thrones, rainbows and sunshine! I can’t wait to get to know all of you and welcome you into this Boston University community that I love so much… See you at FYSOP!

If you want to watch our Awesome intro video, here it is! (We reenact famous cat videos, so you should definitely watch it.)


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