A Letter from Your Coordinators

Hello First Year-


We are writing to you to let you know a few things about this year’s FYSOP. First, FYSOP was almost canceled this year because it was going to be too much fun. Sources tell us it will no longer be canceled, but it is still going to be just as fun. Second, the Boston University campus seems to collecting contagions that are infecting students with excitement. Reports tell us there is no cure and your attendance at FYSOP will likely cause you to contract “excitement”. Third, you will be inspired. An awful thing, we know. It will cause you to be driven towards new ideas and concepts. Driven to meet new people. You will be driven to see issues from unexpected angles, and you will be driven to take your BU experience as a time to challenge yourself, potentially by going to places deemed unsafe due to fun levels, or living in areas with “excitement” contagions. FYSOP is an experience we can’t wait to share with you.

But really, we cannot wait to meet you! Prepare yourself for an awesome start to your BU career. If we could give you some advice we would say: don’t be afraid to cheer, be yourself, and pet all the kittens you can this week. Also feel free to use us as a resource this year- come to us with questions and to tell us all about your adventures. We cannot wait to meet you and welcome you to an amazing start to your first year at Boston University.

Good Luck!

Kelsey and Izzi


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