2013 Staff!

Aafreen Rajani

Year:  Sophomore

Hometown: Newton, MA

Schoo/Major: SMG/International Management and Finance

Favorite Animal:  Elephant

If I could time travel… The 90s so I could belt out Britney Spears and watch Spice Girls without shame.  And who didn’t love the Backstreet Boys or NSYNC? 90s was an era of exciting gameshows and awesome cartoons.

If I could be invisible for a day… I would harass innocent pedestrians on comm ave by pretending to be a ghost.

Favorite Place I have Traveled: Dubai

Random Fun Fact: Every time I enter a bathroom, I check behind the shower curtains for a serial killer.

Rhiannon Iorio

Year:  Sophomore

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

School/Major: CAS/Psychology

Favorite Animal: Penguin

If I could time travel… I would go back to the Jurassic period. I love Brontosauruses!

If I could be invisible for a day… I would go to every Ben and Jerry’s I could find and secretly devour all of the phish food.

Favorite Place I have Traveled: Galapagos Islands

Random Fun Fact: I raised fruit bats back to health in Fiji!

Katie Strelitz

530591_10151196515391358_1138907626_nYear: Senior

Hometown: Torrance, CA

School/Major: SMG- Business Management and Hospitality Administration

Favorite Animal: Wombat!

If I could time travel… I’d go to the 1920s- art forms like jazz music and photography were starting to take off and become great things

If I could be invisible for a day… I would go to Broadway to see all of the great musicals and pretend to have my on stage debut!

Favorite Place I have Traveled: New Zealand

Random Fun Fact: I bungy jumped off the Auckland Harbour Bridge

Tanya Volkert

TanyaYear: Sophomore

Hometown: Hackettstown, NJ

School/Major: CAS- Anthropology

Favorite Animal: Giraffe

If I could time travel… I would visit the 1800s, because then it would be is socially acceptable to wear a ballgown all the time. But I would bring knowledge of plumbing and modern medicine with me!

If I could be invisible for a day… I would sneak onto a flight to Canada and finally get to see the northern lights, hopefully.

Favorite Place I have Traveled: Boston!

Random Fun Fact: I raise Seeing Eye dogs when at home and would love to start a group in Boston.

Marissa Cheifetz

MarissaYear: Senior

Hometown: Lawrenceville, NJ

School/Major: COM- Communication Studies

Favorite Animal: Sorry for such a boring answer- but DOGS!

If I could time travel… I’d go to New York City in the early 1900s. It seemed like a very exciting place full of hopes and dreams.

If I could be invisible for a day… I would go up to people who looked sad and give them hugs. It would either scare them, or make them really happy… either way, they wouldn’t be sad anymore.

Favorite Place I have Traveled: Stonehenge

Random Fun Fact: I can do a really good pig noise. Just ask.

Jenna Abbot

Year: Junior

Hometown: Belle Mead, NJ

School/Major: SED- Social Studies Education and ESL

Favorite Animal: Any type of Dog!

If I could time travel… I’d love to experience the 1920’s. Everything was changing during this time period, and people were learning to change too- I think that’s fascinating! Plus meeting a Jay Gatsby would be a nice perk 🙂

If I could be invisible for a day… I’d probably be super annoying and try to freak out my roommates- move stuff around, rearrange the furniture, etc.

Favorite Place I have Traveled: Paris! I have family that lives there, so any time I get to visit is special.

Random Fun Fact: I have a serious caffeine addiction- I kept a Keurig Machine in the closet of my West campus dorm room.

Paula Garcia

Year:  Junior

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL

School/Major: COM/CAS-Journalism/Anthropology

Favorite Animal: Tamarin monkeys

If I could time travel… 1920-1930 because some of the earliest and most important anthropological discoveries happen during this time and the journalism industry was in is golden years.

If I could be invisible for a day… Poke as many people as possible

Favorite Place I have Traveled: Menorca, Spain

Random Fun Fact: I have two birthdays.

Taylor Burke

Year:  Junior

Hometown: Pittsburg, PA

School/Major: COM- Journalism

Favorite Animal: Any type of dog! But after that, tucans.

If I could time travel… I’d go to the 1920s, because of the dress styles and because it seems like they had a lot of fun.

If I could be invisible for a day… I’d probably follow Johnny Depp around. I think he’s the greatest.

Favorite Place I have Traveled: New Orleans, hands down! I’m dying to go back; there’s so much history and really neat people.

Random Fun Fact: The same two toes on both of my feet are webbed. It’s really weird!

Tyler Ierardi

Year:  Senior

Hometown: Norton, MA

School/Major: SMG- Finance, Operations Management

Favorite Animal: Cats. I love cats.

If I could time travel… I’d go to the 1960s because Mad Men.

If I could be invisible for a day… >:)

Favorite Place I have Traveled: The Amazon

Alyssa Barsanti

IMG_3181-XLYear: Senior

Hometown: Morgan Hill, CA

School/Major: Sargent- Dietetics

Favorite Animal: Piggies!

If I could time travel… I would travel to the 1960s.

If I could be invisible for a day… I would Go and sit in on a meeting with Obama.

Favorite Place I have Traveled: Costa Rica

Random Fun Fact: I can move my ears.

Justin Soto

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Oviedo, Florida

School/Major: COM/Broadcast Journalism

Favorite Animal: Cat

If I could time travel… I would travel to the Renaissance time period to hangout with the awesome artists and brilliant designers!

If I could be invisible for a day… I would spy on my ex’s! lol

Favorite Place I have Traveled: Toledo, Spain

Random Fun Fact: I’m going to try and visit every country in the world before I die!

Jeffery Herrera


Year:  Junior

Hometown: Middletown, CT

Year/Major: CAS- Behavioral Biology (Minor in Philosophy)

Favorite Animal: Cheetah!

If I could time travel… I’d go to the 1960’s and be part of the birth of Motown.

If I could be invisible for a day… I’d steal people’s socks. Not both of them. Just one.

Favorite Place I have Traveled: Colombia! The beaches are so nice!

Random Fun Fact: I’ve actually never seen most Disney movies until last year. You’d be surprised at how most people react when they hear you haven’t seen Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella. The list goes on!

Max Harrington

MaxYear: Senior

Hometown: Dunstable, MA

School/Major: CAS – English

Favorite Animal: sloths or turtles, it’s a tie.

If I could time travel… I have this fantasty of traveling back to Industrial America to see what this country once looked like, but I would bring a smartphone so I could freak everyone out….but then I remember that I wouldn’t have service.

If I could be invisible for a day… I’d Go to a mirror store and freak myself out, then maybe just film myself picking stuff up so that everyone would actually believe me.

Favorite Place I have Traveled: When I was little we used to travel to this broken down car in the middle of the woods near my house; it was probably only a half-mile from our house, but when I was 6 it felt like an intense expedition fraught with danger

Random Fun Fact: My fun fact is that my favorite breakfast as a kid was frozen eggo waffles (not toasted) or that in sophomore year of high school, I ate 8 McDonalds double cheeseburgers in one sitting. Normal fun facts include I ran the Boston Marathon, I am a black belt in karate, and I once met Bob Kraft at a community service lunch at Gillette Stadium.

Raychel Gordon

GordonYear:  Sophomore

Hometown: Honeoye Falls, NY

School/Major: CAS- Neuroscience/Psych

Favorite Animal: Tarsier

If I could time travel… I’d go to the 1920’s: Just an all around wonderful time to be alive, even if it is a cliche answer

If I could be invisible for a day… I would steal from the rich and give to the poor, Robin Hood style.

Favorite Place I have Traveled: Sand Beach, Maine

Random Fun Fact: The only reason I decided to be a neuro science major was because I got to touch a brain once in elementary school and that’s all i’ve wanted to do since then.

Samantha Pipe

Year:  Sophomore

Hometown: Levittown, PA

School/Major: College of engineering, Biomedical Engineering

Favorite Animal: Dog

If I could time travel… 1920s

If I could be invisible for a day… The Phillies locker room

Favorite Place I have Traveled: Clearwater Beach, FL

Random Fun Fact: I collect pins!

Brooke Mele

DSC_1505_2Year: Junior

Hometown: Wilbraham, MA

School/Major: SED- Elementary and Special Education

Favorite Animal: Horse

If I could time travel… I would go to 1700’s – I want to go to a ball!

If I could be invisible for a day… Hop on a plane and travel around the world for free!

Favorite Place I have Traveled: the Amazon Rainforest

Random Fun Fact: I have a talking dog who can say “yum yum” when he wants food

Kyle Ortman

KyleYear:  Sophomore

Hometown: Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Year/Major: CAS- Environmental Analysis and Policy

Favorite Animal: Great White Shark

If I could time travel… I’d go to the 1920s (before the Great Depression) HAVE YOU SEEN GREAT GATSBY?!?!?!

If I could be invisible for a day… I’d go to Yankee Stadium and get the best possible seat!

Favorite Place I have Traveled: Paris, France

Random Fun Fact: I have had 5 pet lizards, Lizzy, Speedy, Rumpelstiltskin, Gary, and Ignats

Aly Blue

Year:  Senior

Hometown: New York City

School/Major: COM/Advertising

Favorite Animal: Penguins – they’re just so adorable!

If I could time travel… 1920s because the fashion was so fun and new!

If I could be invisible for a day… Run around in places I shouldn’t be I guess? (I know – terrible answer)

Favorite Place I have Traveled: Santorini in Greece. That place is heaven on Earth.

Random Fun Fact: I became an aunt when I was just 8 years old! That is of course because I have two older half brothers and an older sister.

Theresa Gombar 

GombarYear: Senior

Hometown: West Chester, PA

School/Major: COM- Public Relations

Favorite Animal: Penguin

If I could time travel… I would go to the 1950s–A great time to sip a milkshake while listening to rock and roll in a diner before heading off  to a drive-in movie!

If I could be invisible for a day… Sneak into Area 51 to find out what the heck goes on in there!

Favorite Place I have Traveled: Italy

Random Fun Fact: I’ve always hated soda–some people find that crazy…

Jake Barkin

nonameYear: Sophomore

Hometown: Ionia, NY

School/Major: CAS/International Relations

Favorite Animal: Saiga

If I could time travel… The 50s so I could be there for the opening of Disneyland

If I could be invisible for a day… Walk around the streets of Boston tapping people on the shoulder

Favorite Place I have Traveled: Emei Shan, China

Random Fun Fact: I’ve eaten fried Scorpion



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