2013 Sites

Ellen Gifford Cat Shelter


The mission of Gifford Cat Shelter is to take in homeless cats, provide them with high quality care in a cageless and no-kill environment, and find healthy and loving permanent homes for them. As the first cageless, no-kill shelter in the United States Gifford has cared for and nurtured homeless cats in preparation for healthy new homes for nearly 130 years.

Humane League of Boston

humane league

The Humane League is an animal advocacy organization that works to protect all animals through public education, campaigns and rescue. They want a world where people, companies and legislators are making choices that help and not hurt animals, a world in which all animals are treated with the same respect and compassion that we show to a beloved family dog or cat. Their primary focus is on farmed animal issues.

City of Boston Animal Shelter

Boston Animal Control

The City of Boston operates its own Animal Shelter staffed by a full time veterinarian to care for the animals in their custody. Its mission is to provide responsive, efficient animal control services, to provide a high quality of animal care and to promote responsible pet ownership. They also investigate cases of animal cruelty and enforce legal ordinances.

Drumlin Farm

Calf and Mom

Drumlin Farm is Mass Audubon’s only working educational farm. They raise livestock and poultry, grow crops, and produce hay for they animals, all within a 232-acre wildlife sanctuary. Volunteers will receive a tour of the farm facilities, then work with the wildlife care staff on some projects.

Medfield Animal Shelter

Medfield Shelter

The Medfield Animal Shelter’s mission is to rescue lost or abandoned animals and provide for their comfort and safety until they are reunited with their owners or placed in new homes. They are a no-kill shelter, which means no pet will ever be euthanized because it has run out of time to find a home. They also sponsor low cost spay/neuter clinics.

Nevins Farm

Nevins (MSPCA)

The MSPCA at Nevins Farm, in Methuen, Massachusetts, is a unique 55-acre animal care complex that provides shelter and adoption services for both farm and companion animals, an equine program, community outreach and education, and humane law enforcement services that uphold animal protection laws and provide care to animal victims of abuse and neglect.

Greyhound Friends Inc.


Greyhound racing continues to be a problem both nationally and globally. Greyhound Friends Inc. saves racetrack greyhounds and places them in responsible, loving homes.  They maintain a kennel for twenty greyhounds and as soon as a dog is adopted another one comes in from a racing kennel. Most are readied for adoption in just a few days!

Natick Community Organic Farm

Natick and Cow

Natick Community Organic Farm is committed to farming methods that are ecologically healthy and sustainable. They raise a variety of farm animals, including chickens, cows, goats, turkeys, sheep, and pigs, and do so in a humane way that is very different from the industry norm of factory farming.

Black Feather Horse Rescue 


The mission of the Black Feather Horse Rescue is to find abused and neglected horses and then provide them with loving homes, care and permanent families. Black Feather Horse Rescue also invites sick and special needs children and their families to come visit so they can enjoy the company of the horses and beautiful scenery. They also bring mini horses on visits to the elderly.

Wolf Hollow


Wolf Hollow is a non-profit organization established in 1990 to teach people about the importance of the wolf in the wild as a top predator. Wolf Hollow offers a unique opportunity to view gray wolves in as natural a setting as possible. By observing how a wolf pack functions, visitors learn how wolves are a benefit to the environment around them and ultimately to us as humans because of the many parallels to our own families.  Wolves are still very much a threatened species and visitors will learn what can be done to help alleviate the threat.


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